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Doel Reed Center

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Andrew Gulliford

2023 Jim & Linda Burke Visiting Scholar


Andrew Gulliford - Visiting Scholar

Bears Ears National Monument has been a flashpoint of conflict between ranchers, miners, environmental groups, states’ rights advocates and Native American activists.   

Andrew Gulliford will synthesize the region’s history to illuminate it as a place of refuge and resistance for Native Americans who seek to preserve their ancestral homes, and for the descendants of Mormon families who arrived by wagon train in 1880.

Bears Ears National Monument is a bellwether for public land issues in the American West. Its recognition will be a relevant topic for years to come.

Gulliford is professor of history at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. He is an award-winning author whose books include, “Boomtown Blues: Colorado Oil Shale;” “Sacred Objects and Sacred Places: Preserving Tribal Traditions;” and “The Woolly West: Colorado’s Hidden History of Sheepscapes.” 

Gulliford’s recent article, “Father & daughter artists and the Doel Reed Center in Taos” ran in “The Durango Herald” and paints a vivid picture of Doel and Martha Reed’s lives in Taos. 

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